Manufacturing Products
We produce Flash Chromatography instruments and columns, Automatic Solid Phase Extraction instruments. We are expanding our high quality products to the scientific field worldwide.


L-COS (Liquid Combinatorial-chemistry Organic Synthesis)
L-COS is an organic synthetic reactor with multiple glass tubes in which temperature control and stirring conditions are set up independently for each tube.

- Wide range temperature setting from -60℃ to 250℃ in precise control which is indispensable to investigation of conditions
- Tubes made of hard glass with capacity of 15mL – 100mL
- Independent stirring condition to provide continuous experiments under the same conditions
- Cooling manifold to perform a reflux experiment

Flash Chromatography instrument and column

Purif Series

1. Purif-Rp2: High-Pressure proof / High Sensitive Fractionation and Purification System

- High applicability to columns – from disposable columns or semi-preparation chromatography columns to stainless columns
- Owing to controlling 2 channels independently, parallel operation available of channel 1& 2
- Equipped with a pump with discharge pressure up to 20 MPa and a high-sensitivity UV cell
- Capable of both normal and reverse-phase purification as well as various volume fractionation from μg order up to gram scale
- Capable of multi-use fractionation and purification with lower cost than introducing another HPLC for fractionation

2. Purif-espoir2: 2-Channel-Parallel Fractionation and Purification System

- Capable of intuitive operation on the 12.1″ touch panel
- The latest-model pump to result in a steady solvent flow
- UV Detector up to 4 wavelength exchangeable corresponding to each channel
- Fraction Collector enabling to accept large volume sample up to 300 mL
- Column Stand System to prepare sample loading quite easily
- Suitable sized unit to the Draft in laboratory rooms

◆Special Features on the Software
- Exchangeable / selectable fractionation mode
- Log-In function to be customized
- Optional Drain time setting
- To monitor the real-time pressure
- To indicate the estimated feeding volume of solvent
- To calculate the best conditions to fractionate by TLC data, automatically

3. Purif-Pack: Disposable Column for Flash Chromatography
Purif-Pack is a high performance cartridge column packed with superb spherical silica gels; available to select the suitable particle size out of three sizes – 15μm, 30μm, and 60μm.

- Lower pressure loss compared to the loss by irregular silica gel
- Various choices suitable for separation mode or sample volume
- Three particle sizes with well-studied separation performances
- Silica Gel with the particle size down to 15μm, to result in good performance close to the separation by HPLC columns.
- Possible to reduce the consumption of solvent and silica gels, by selecting smaller column sizes in which a large volume sample is acceptable
- Easy sample charge based on the good osmosis performance by spherical silica gel

Automatic SPE instrument



EX-MultiⅡ: Full-Automatic SPE Device

EX-MultiⅡ, a full-automatic Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) device, provides solid-phase extraction procedures (column conditioning, sample loading, cleaning, evaporation, elution and enrichment) up to 40 analytes, especially prior to analyzing pharmacological / metabolism tests as well as residual agrochemicals in aqueous samples or PCB’s in insulating oils.

- Efficient preparation of 5 samples simultaneously, up to 40 analytes in case of “40E”
- Fully unattended operation; conditioning > sample loading > cleaning > ventilated dehydration > elution > Nitrogen concentration
- Various types of columns available: Sep-PakRPLUS, 6mL Barrel type, for example
- Program controlled, up to 9 sorts of solvent simultaneously; 6 solvents connected to a diluter and 3 solvents in a vessel
- Efficient dehydration by ventilated drying using pressurized nitrogen method
- Easy operation supported by Windows in Japanese
- Continuous operation available by the software setting to carry out the preparation in different conditions


EVAN-SPE II: Automatic Concentrator

EVAN-SPE II, an automatic concentrator, completes the operation without drying-up, for water examination on residual agrochemicals or other toxic substances which generally takes a long time to concentrate by Nitrogen concentrated, and can concentrate samples efficiently with different rest level.

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