Imported Products
We are the exclusive distributor of Wyatt Technology Corporation, USA and AstraNet Systems Ltd., UK. We perform both sales promotion and customer support including maintenance and repair services in Japan. We make every effort so that Japanese scientists can use the imported instruments comfortably.

expression CMS

The expression CMS is a single-type Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer produced by Advion Biosciences, Inc., US based company with unique and patented nanotechnologies. It supports high performances on any kinds or any purposes of samples, with improving maintenances which are complicated by usual mass spectrometers.
The expression CMS shall perform not only independently but also together with LC-MS, Flash Chromato-MS or Synthesis Monitoring.


Wyatt Technology products

Wyatt Technology is the World’s leader in Light Scattering Instrumentation and Software for determining the absolute molar mass, size, charge and interactions of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution. These tools include: in-line multi-angle static light scattering, high-throughput dynamic light scattering, differential refractometry, electrophoretic mobility, differential viscosity, field flow fractionation and automated composition gradients.
Shoko Scientific has been a sole agent, distributing Wyatt products in Japan, for more than 20 years that include the term of scientific businesses for Shoko Corporation, prior to our business established in September of 2009, separated from Shoko.



AstraGene II

AstraGene II is a unique micro-volume Spectrophotometer for Life Sciences, produced by AstraNet Systems Ltd., UK based specialist supplier to the spectroscopy market. Using unique attachments, various types of samples from larger volume down to 2.5μL are measured  accurately and easily in a few seconds, with less sample losses.

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